How do I add a secure certificate to my site?

Secure certificates add SSL to sites using them, so access to your site(s) can be made via https. This is quite important for any site collecting personal data or accepting payment information from visitors. Commercial certificates can be purchased from external providers or via us directly. In both cases, the first step is to generate a Certificate Siging Request (CSR) by contacting support.

In order to create a CSR, the following information is required:

Hostname: this is the address to which you want to add SSL. If you have a configured shop or other resource attached to your site, the hostname should be the same as that configuration. That is, if you have a shop conigured for, the hostname for the CSR should be If the shop is configured to use,  the CSR hostname should be

State (do not abbreviate)
Country (two letter abbreviation):
Division: (if none, by default we will use "Web" here)

We will generate a CSR based on the information provided. If you elect to purchase a certificate from an external issuer, the certificate should be purchased for apache+mod_ssl (some providers have a category for cpanel; if apache+mod_ssl is not an option, choose cpanel). Once the certificate is issued, contact us to provide us with the issued certificate. We will change the site over to a dedicated IP address and install the certificate.

If you elect to purchase the certificate through us, we will have the certificate issued, change your site over to a dedicated IP address, and install the certificate. Your account will be invoiced for the certificate (see below for pricing) after it has been installed. Secure certificates are invoiced like domains by the system, invoicing 30 days prior to expiry to allow time for any issues to be addressed.

Certificate pricing
Basic certificate (one domain): $60/year
Wildcard certificate (* $150/year
Multisite SAN (,, $245/year
Extended Validation (EV) (one domain): $250/year

Note: both Multisite SAN and Extended Validation (EV) require additional information to be provided to the issuer.
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