Can you help me install Movable Type?

This is a supplement to the Movable Type installation instructions. It is not meant to replace them but rather to give a step-by-step guide to installing the program on our servers.

Login to your HM control panel and click on the MySQL option.
Create a database.
Create a username/password.
Add the user to the database.

Open the mt.cfg file in a text editor (such as Notepad).
Edit the CGIPath to reflect where you will upload the Movable Type files in your webspace: (where "domainname" is your actual domain name)

Under the CGIPath line, add the following three lines:

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database username_dbname
DBUser username_dbuser

Edit the lines to appropriately reflect your actual username_dbname, username_dbuser.
Save and close.

Open mt-db-pass.cgi in a text editor.
Change the word there to your dbuser password.
Save and close.

Connect to your site via FTP.
In the public_html/ folder, create the folder in which you wish to install Movable the example above, the foldername is "mt". (MT does not need to be installed in the cgi folder on HM servers).
In the mt/ folder, upload the images/ folder in BINARY mode.
Then upload everything else in ASCII mode.
When uploading is complete, chmod the cgi files to 755. (In most FTP programs, you can highlight the files, right click, select CHMOD and select the following options: RWX-RX-RX)

In a browser, go to
This will load the program and let you know if there are any errors/problems.
If everything goes normally, the program will report that then remind you to delete the mt-load.cgi file. Please do this before closing your FTP program.

MT is now installed. Navigate to and use Melody/Nelson to login. Then go to Edit Your Profile, change the username to your own choice, add your email address, change the password, then enter a birthplace for password recovery.

Click Manage Weblog.
Click Weblog Config.
Change the Weblog Name to the one you have chosen.

The mt foldername will be in the Local Site Path by default. If you wish your weblog to publish to the domain root, simply remove the mt foldername from the site path.
If you are publishing your weblog to a subfolder, add that foldername to the Local Site Path, with NO trailing slash.
Update the Site URL to the correct url WITH a trailing slash.
Update the Local Archive Path and Archive URL in the same way, respectively, as above.
Choose your Timezone and click Save.

Congratulations - you have now successfully installed Movable Type.

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