What nameservers should be used for my account?

For servers running DirectAdmin, in the celestial objects group, these nameservers can be used:

Antares: ns11.hmdnsgroup.com  ( and ns12.hmdnsgroup.com (

Draco: ns17.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns18.hmdnsgroup.com (

Hydra: ns23.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns24.hmdnsgroup.com (

Lyra: ns25.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns26.hmdnsgroup.com (

Oort: ns15.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns16.hmdnsgroup.com (

Polaris: ns27.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns28.hmdnsgroup.com (

Regulus: ns13.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns14.hmdnsgroup.com (

Sirius: ns19.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns20.hmdnsgroup.com (

Vega: ns21.hmdnsgroup.com ( and ns22.hmdnsgroup.com (


For servers running cPanel, these nameservers can be used.

For servers in the Greek series, the following nameservers should be used:

ns.hmdnsgroup.com -
ns2.hmdnsgroup.com -

For servers in the artist series, the following nameservers should be used:

ns3.hmdnsgroup.com -
ns4.hmdnsgroup.com -

For servers in the spice series, the following nameservers should be used:

ns5.hmdnsgroup.com -
ns6.hmdnsgroup.com -

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