Setting up DKIM and SPF records

To enable SPF and/or DKIM on a domain, log in to the account control panel and select the "Authentication" option from the email block of options. On the screen that follows, choose "enable" for the authentication option you wish to enable. Note that enabling SPF and DKIM here relies on the domain(s) using nameservers within our network. If you use external DNS to manage host records for your domain(s), the records must be created at that external location, as local entries within the network here will not be read for DNS query purposes in that case.

The operation may present a warning for one or both options in the authentication category:

Status: Enabled WARNING: The system cannot verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver for “"”. [?]

If your domain is using our nameservers, this message can be ignored, as we run centralized nameserver servers specifically for DNS, and not on each individual server in the network.
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