Setting up mail on an iPhone

To set up mail on the iPhone:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then tap Add Account.

Do not allow it to set up automatically. Choose Other.

Choose Add Mail Account.

Put in your name, email address, password for that email address, and a description. Choose Next.

It will likely try and fail to determine the rest of the settings. Choose Next.

Choose IMAP or POP. IMAP leaves the mail on the server until it is specifically deleted. POP removes it and downloads it to the email client being used. If you have multiple devices/computers and want to be able to see mail on all of them even if checked by another device, choose IMAP - just be sure to periodically empty the trash/purge deleted items. Very large mailboxes take longer to index and can slow mail retrieval operations.

The incoming and outgoing mail server names should be set to the domain name of the mailbox being checked.

The username/login name is the full email address of the mailbox being checked, with the associated password for that box. The outgoing mail details may say "optional". Don't listen to the device! The authentication details are not optional, and never have been. The email address and password must also be in place there.

Choose Finish.

If for any reason the device generates a certificate error, change the mail server name, for both incoming and outgoing, to the server name where the domain is located instead. To find the server name, look in the left navigation bar of the control panel, or contact support and we will provide the server name to use.

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