How to generate a list of all subscribers to a mailing list

Symptom: Client would like to generate a text file of all subscribers to a mailing list or lists.

Resolution: Please open a ticket at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> with the following information:

- servername
- listname
- directory for storage of the subscriber file (in the format /home/username/path/)
- filename for output
- if you prefer the list with or without the  subscriber's full name (when available)
- if you prefer just the regular subscribers, just the digest subscribers, or both
- the interval for the cron job (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
The above information must be provided in full, as there are too many available variables for us to select default values. Tickets arriving without all the required information will be sent back for completion of these items.
We will then do a one time dump of the subscriber list to ensure the syntax is proper and the file is generated correctly. The command will then be placed into the root cron and will run at the interval selected.

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