Site not visible - new client

Issue: New account, and site is not visible using the domain name.
Cause: DNS modification is not completed.
Resolution: Please visit the registrar where the domain was registered and modify the nameservers to use the Hosting Matters nameservers as listed in the welcome email for your account. The site should be visible by name on the Hosting Matters servers 24-72 hours after modification at the registrar.

Issue: Visiting the site generates a 403 (Forbidden) error message.
Cause: Directory browsing is disabled by default across all servers for security reasons. If no valid index file is available within the /public_html of the client site, this error will appear.
Resolution: Upload a valid index file to the /public_html directory of the site. Note that filenames are case sensitive, and all index files (index.htm(l), index.php, default.htm, and so on) should be lower case only.

Issue: Visiting the site generates the error "This site is unavailable".
Cause: Suspension
Resolution: Please contact support via the helpdesk at or via email at for assistance.

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