[SERVERS] Themis issues

Last night, we began seeing abusive traffic, via both apache and mail, to themis. This combination, plus the overhead that is common on cpanel servers, resulted in high loads, individual service failures, and sluggish response times. After blocking IPs and restarting,all seemed fine on themis, and services recovered normally. In the wee hours of ... بیشتر »

26th Aug 2020
[SERVERS] Helene issues

The server helene is experiencing some terrible, horrible, no-good issues: at this time. all services are down. While we do have an active session to the server, it is not responding to any command being issued to it. We are examining the issuers we  are encountering, and attempting to get it back on track; however, it may wind up being necessary ... بیشتر »

21st Aug 2020
[MAIL] Mailscanner coming to DirectAdmin

  Good news for all of us: ConfigServer has ported Mailscanner to run on DirectAdmin. This product is currently a beta on the DA side, so we are assigning one server for the first round of testing. We’ve selected Miranda for that purpose, and will be having ConfigServer do the installation, just as we have over the years on the cPanel ... بیشتر »

1st Jun 2020
[MAIL] TLD blocking: .icu

Effective immediately, we will be implementing blocks for mail arriving from any domain with a TLD of .icu on the shared servers. This means mail from (anything).icu will be rejected by the servers. Action on this has been implemented after a review of mail operations across shared servers showed 100% of mail with (anything).icu was ... بیشتر »

30th Mar 2020
The cPanel to DirectAdmin train, server groups three, four, five, six, and seven (August 18, 2019)

  The next groups of servers to be migrated have been selected. Notices will begin going out today for migrations beginning on Friday, August 23. In server group three we have: villemot, lange, gerard, kandinsky, ploutos, and picasso. In server group four we have:nike and neleus. In server group five we have: nutmeg. In server group six we ... بیشتر »

18th Aug 2019
The cPanel to DirectAdmin train, server group two (August 10, 2019)

  The next group of servers to be migrated has been selected and notices will start going out today for migrations beginning next Saturday (August 17, 2019). In server group two, we have: atropos, bellini, bosch, mucha, oregano, and turmeric.   If you are on any of these servers and have mailman mailing lists, you will receive a ... بیشتر »

10th Aug 2019
Replacing cPanel with DirectAdmin, part two (August 5, 2019)

  A note for resellers: as on the IW side, your main reseller name on the cPanel side will NOT be your reseller login on the DA side. Your own account will be a regular user-level account just as with your other accounts, and your resller login will be....something else (that we're working on). The reason for this - and one we like, a lot ... بیشتر »

5th Aug 2019
Replacing cPanel with DirectAdmin, part one (August 2, 2019): A New Hope

We now have production accounts moved from cpanel-based servers to two of the four DA servers we have set up, and thus far, it's looking good (much better than the influx of mail-related items on the IW side for that brief flirtation - we do hope, though, that IW does move in a good direction to make itself a more viable option down the ... بیشتر »

2nd Aug 2019
Replacing cPanel (Part Seven, August 1, 2019)

Replacing cPanel (Part Seven, August 1, 2019) - the saga continues   It's DirectAdmin time. We've been working with it for a week now, and it's far closer to the cPanel experience for all users (client level, reseller level, admin level). We are working on another set of "How Do I..." for DA, but since all the options are laid out ... بیشتر »

1st Aug 2019
Replacing cPanel (Part Six, July 28, 2019)

Update x on migrations: As we noted on facebook, we're halting server group two migrations to interworx (Baber and Barbier for the purposes of this announcement). As of the moment this goes up, we will also be reversing the migrations, and pointing all baber and barbier sites that were copied off to their interworx equivalents back to the cpanel ... بیشتر »

28th Jul 2019