Both arachne and ares are generating notices related to impending hardware failure. As they are both 5+ years old, they have exceeded the usual lifetime of the typical high use server.
Due to the nature of the errors being reported by the monitoring system, we will be treating the migrations as emergency migrations and sending notices for moves as early as today, Monday, May 17. Sites that do not have mailman-based mailing lists will be moved to the servers running DirectAdmin. The others will be placed on the handful of cpanel servers that are remaining in the network. We apologize for the short notice associated with these migrations.
Changes you may need to make if your site(s) will be moving to DirectAdmin: you may need to change the mail server name in your email clients/on your devices to the server name where your site(s) land. Regardless of which type of server your site(s) will be moving to, if you manage your DNS settings at a location outside the network here, you will need to update that information at your third party DNS provider. Please contact us if you manage your own DNS, and we'll provide the new IP to assign. If you use our nameservers, at some point you may be asked to change the nameservers you have in use to match the nameservers for the server where your site(s) eventually reside.
If you have any questions related to this notice, please contact us via the usual means

Monday, May 17, 2021

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