Accessing the autoinstaller

The autoinstaller can be accessed in the control panel at the bottom of the dashboard as a Web Applications block.

Autoinstaller - Control Panel main dashboard

If you have applications that are installed via this installer (on the early servers) or that the installer found/could recognize when we set off the conversion function, these will be listed under the My Applications header, as indicated in the image above. If not, just the Featured Applications will show.

 Autoinstaller from the Control Panel Dashboard - no apps

Choosing the "view more" link will take you to the main autoinstaller dashboard. If you choose "view more" from the My Applications bar, the subsequent page will be an overview of applications installed under your account, either through the autoinstaller or converted from a previous install.


If you choose "view more" from the Featured Applications bar, the subsequent page will be an overview of applications available for installation. 



This page is accessible from the "Applications Browser" tab of the auto installer dashboard. All available applications are listed on one page, categorized by primary application type.



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