The next groups of servers to be migrated have been selected. Notices will begin going out today for migrations beginning on Friday, August 23. In server group three we have: villemot, lange, gerard, kandinsky, ploutos, and picasso. In server group four we have:nike and neleus. In server group five we have: nutmeg. In server group six we have: niobe. And in server group seven we have: rockwell and savory.
Just a side note: on the DA side, all the servers are named after celestial objects. They will all each have their own set of nameservers as well. We'll be posting lists of the nameservers for each server in the knowledgebase. On a side side note: I picked the names of the servers up in rotation today, and I realized when setting them up they were also both characters from the Harry Potter series (Draco and Sirius). That probably says something....
Thanks to everyone for your support and patience as we grind out the migrations. We've hit a couple of snags here and there, mainly with older accounts that have been through various incarnations of how cpanel has evolved over the years and changed things, but nothing world ending. If you've been migrated, and encounter any issues, just let us know.
We hope your upcoming week is a terrific one!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

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