A note for resellers: as on the IW side, your main reseller name on the cPanel side will NOT be your reseller login on the DA side. Your own account will be a regular user-level account just as with your other accounts, and your resller login will be....something else (that we're working on). The reason for this - and one we like, a lot - is for security reasons. On the cPanel side, we've seen, more than once over the years, a reseller's account be compromised, which then allowed access to every account the reseller controlled and allowed the creation of garbage sites for various purposes. On the DA side, if the reseller's own account is compromised, it's just that one account, and not everything. We're coming up with some kind of naming scheme for the master reseller "accounts", which are really just buckets for managing the pool of accounts owned by the reseller. When you receive the migration notice for whatever server you're on, we'll also let you know what the reseller bucket account will be called.
We did not, for various reasons, get the first server group migration notices out over the weekend. We'll be starting those today, for users on: clove, coriander, cratos, escher, and leda. General migrations (versus the volunteer/unofficial ones we've been doing since last week) will begin next Sunday, August 11, and will continue for as long as they need to, primarily in the evening hours. Our goal is still to have the vast majority of servers that are being migrated done by September 14, and since the imports on the DA side are simpler, the login styles are the same, and they are creating far fewer issues than the IW imports did, the DA migrations should go much more quickly.
Server names and notes: we've decided to go with celestial objects on the DA side, to make a complete break with the cpanel servers. The first servers up are: antares, regulus, oort, vega, and pluto (since pluto needs some love). We've also decided to keep named services discrete per server. That means each server will have its own pair of nameservers to use, instead of all being clustered together. There are two reasons for this: one, there's only one set to use, instead of picking one of three as on the cpanel side, making things simpler. Two, while DA has DNS clustering, we're going to wait to test that until after the migrations are completed. This is because the cpanel-based DNS clustering is acting very, very oddly as of the past two weeks, and we'd rather not deal with any potential issues on the DA side that might pop up unitil we have the main priority job finished.
We hope everyone had a great weekend, and as always, if you have any questions, just let us know.

Monday, August 5, 2019

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