Comments on cPanel's "updated" announcement of July 5, 2019
Just a note: these are also posted in our announcements in the client area, and we will be tweeting the direction to these today as well.
On Friday, July 5, cPanel released another announcement after reviewing the response to their original announcement (see Replacing cPanel in the announcements list). Their revised pricing was not significantly different than the original, and it is clear they did not take the commentary about their pricing or their conduct into account.
While their changed plans (like their original) also do not affect us to the extent other would experience, we still believe the new pricing is weighted toward allowing investors in Oakley Capital (the venture capital firm who have a major stake in cPanel) to get a quick return on their investments and potentially could lead to Oakley simply allowing cPanel to die on the vine in a push to get people to move to Plesk (which they also own a stake in, and which we rejected immediately because of that). The latter is behavior we've seen when control panels or billing systems are purchased. Those of you who are familiar with H-Shere have seen this. We also object to the shortness of the period prior to the pricing change taking effect, and cPanel's behavior in the week after they made their original announcement.
We will be moving forward with a migration to Interworx. We have changed our migration plans slightly, and decided our target date is September 14 to complete the migrations, adding an entire month for the process.
The forums have been revived at they are brand new, and we've not changed the colors or the logo, but they will available at least throughout the migration period. If people start using them on a regular basis, we will leave them in place indefinitely. You will need to register in order to post there.
We anticipate beginning the first groups of migrations on or about July 15 so we can begin our exodus from cPanel.
As always, if you have any questions or comments, let us know via the usual means.
Many thanks for your support!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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