Beginning the evening of January 15, cPanel rolled out their nightly updates, and in the process, removed SquirrelMail from the roster of webmail clients.  According to their blog, they have been planning this since the middle of 2018. While we do not recall a mention of this in their mailings to their partner lists (to which we subscribe), we do understand the reasoning behind the removal. SquirrelMail is an older webmail product, and although easy to use, it has also not been updated since 2013 - essentially becoming abandonware, and thus, a potential security issue. You can see this reflected at and the dates of last update on that site.

By default on servers where the updates have run, users of SquirrelMail have been moved to Horde by the cPanel updater. Horde is one of the two webmail applications now offered by cPanel. The other is RoundCube, which may seem more familiar to people previously using SquirrelMail. To change from Horde to RoundCube, log in to webmail as usual. If you had previously used autologin for SquirrelMail, you will bypass the webmail application selection screen and be sent to Horde. Click the small user icon in the upper right of the horde screen and choose RoundCube from the dropdown menu. This will change your webmail client to RoundCube. To change back, just click the user icon again and choose Horde from the dropdown.

If you have bookmarked URLs that have SquirrelMail in the address, delete that, then go to . Once you are in the webmail application of your choice, bookmark that new location.          

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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