How do I create nameservers at GoDaddy?

Issue: A reseller wishes to create or update custom nameservers at GoDaddy.


1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and choose "My Domains".
2. Select the domain against which the nameservers are to be created.
3. From the right hand navigation bar that appears, expand the  "Domain Host Summary" option.
4. If you have not previously created nameservers against this domain, a warning message will appear. Choose "Click here to see details or to modify.". If nameservers were created previously, they can be updated from this option.
5. The "Domain Hosts" box will appear. Fill in the boxes with the appropriate information for your domain.

For instance, if the nameservers are to be with IP address and with IP, the entries would appear as follows:

6. Choose "Add New Host". If updating nameservers, choose "Save Changes".

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