Email: Not receiving email

Symptom: Client is not receiving email at one or more mailboxes under their account.

Cause: Most times, this is the result of the quota limit for the affected mailbox being reached. No mail delivery is possible in this case.

Resolution: Check the aggregate usage for accounts via the mail management option in the control panel, under the area where accounts can be added or removed. A link is present in this area to display the current usage and any quota limits set for mailbox accounts. Note that this usage is for all folders under the affected account, including the inbox, any sent-mail folders created via webmail, the spam box (if enabled), and any user-created mail folders.

Accounts where quotas have been met can have their quotas increased or removed as needed. Quotas can be disabled by setting the quota value to 0. Any other value inserted will be interpreted in megabytes.

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