We now have production accounts moved from cpanel-based servers to two of the four DA servers we have set up, and thus far, it's looking good (much better than the influx of mail-related items on the IW side for that brief flirtation - we do hope, though, that IW does move in a good direction to make itself a more viable option down the line).

We will be selecting the first cpanel-based servers to relocate to the new DA servers tonight, and move notices will start going out over this weekend for migrations next weekend. As before, groups one and two will be selected from established (usually older) servers for PHP and mySQL compatibility purposes. Because the importer on the DA side works much better than the one on the IW side, we've had to do no tweaking to sites after they've been migrated, other than to enable Let's Encrypt on the DA side once the DNS zones are updated to point sites there. We expect the migration process to go much more quickly for cpanel to DA than the cpanel to IW migrations went - and we thinkt that's a good thing.
We hope everyone has a great weekend, and we're looking forward to the journey ahead.

Vineri, August 2, 2019

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